Baćina Lakes

Baćina Lakes

With this word, each of us will immediately imagine the crystal clear sea, sun, beaches, Balkan specialties and, of course, we must not forget the chilled Karlovačko or Ožujsko in dewy pints. For many of you, your dream vacation, where the noise of the sea will soothe you so wonderfully that you will completely forget and return to real life will seem miles away. However, Croatia offers much more and that is why I invite you to one place, specifically to Southern Dalmatia, somewhere in the middle between Split and Dubrovnik, to the Bačina Lakes. If you have ever traveled along the Adriatic Highway in the direction of Ploče - Gradac, some may not have missed the view of these lakes. They consist of six connected lakes named Vocus, Crniševo, Podgora, Sladinac, Šipak and Plitka.
The smallest is Lake Vrbnik, the largest is Vocus (55 ha) and the deepest is Crniševo with a depth of 31 m. They are freshwater karst lakes, which means that the bottom of the lake is below and the sea level. The lakes have 3 islands. Many protected species of birds, plants and animals live here. Therefore, it is a very interesting place for ornithologists. 24 species of fish live in the water and up to 9 of them are endemic species. The lakes together form a nature reserve.
By the end of 1938, the first drainage tunnel from the Vrgorač Fields (Krotuša) was built at the initiative of the priest Ante Gnječ. The first inhabitants of this region were the Illyrians, who left piles of stones in some places as a reminder of their millennial existence. According to legend, the last Illyrian queen Teuta loved these lakes very much, so today the locals know them as "Pearls of Queen Teuta".

But what makes this place so special? Untouched nature, a small oasis not yet discovered by tourists, where you can restore your body and soul to the peace and peace you are looking for today. In the morning you can swim in the refreshing water, mostly alone, only in the company of birds, surrounded by beautiful nature. Then stretch out on the grass under the willows, read a good book, listen to the sounds of nature or just lie and dream with your eyes fixed on the blue sky ...
Such a beautiful place with a small pebble beach is located in the village of Peracko Blato, which by the way is also known for a large number of fig trees, so if you come here at the right time, you can enjoy sweet figs directly from the tree.

However, the lakes offer other options, so you can try paddle surfing, kayaking or safari trips. There is a 10 km long cycling route around the lakes, which is also a nature trail and you will find information boards about the animal inhabitants of this region, as well as a lookout tower located between the lakes and the hills.

Fishing enthusiasts will also enjoy themselves here and can choose a permit for a few days, where it will cost you 60 kn / 1 day. Just register and fill in the details on the local association's website.

Once you visit this place, the word Croatia will not only imagine the noise of the sea, Karlovačko or Ozujsko, but also a beautiful region, an oasis of peace and tranquility and endless nature, and with a smile on your face you will project memories of our Baćina Lakes.